Our sustainability strategy and commitments are based on the belief that our technologies can contribute for the resolution of the large global social challenges, preserving the environment and promoting better life conditions.


Our concern with sustainable development is stated in the Company’s values, by expressing our concern with People, their Health and Safety, with the Environment, and the community, always striving for Integrity. All of this is an inherent part of Tupy’s culture.

Our purpose is to develop solutions that contribute to improving people’s living conditions. This means access to dignified habitation, drinking water, basic sanitation, energy, food, and a reduction in social inequality. All this while continuously minimizing our impact and increasingly increasing our value to society.



In Tupy’s value chain, we combine economic development with environmental preservation. We can contribute both in actions that mitigate emissions in the production process and in the development of technologies that enable the reduction of CO2 emissions in the segments in which we operate, as well as in the improvement of circular economy fronts. The Company’s Environmental Management System (EMS), certified by ISO 14001 since 2001, aims at the mitigation and control of aspects applicable to Tupy’s business, as well as the continuous improvement of production processes in order to minimize environmental impacts.¬†



There are approximately 5.2 thousand hectares of forest preservation at the locations where Tupy operates. Mapping conducted in 2020 identified that 80% of this figure are occupied by native forests, 9% by reforesting and 11% are considered as Permanent Protection Areas. Thus, we have a stock of 1.8 million tons of CO2 in our forests.


We actively participate in all the communities in which we operate. We would like these communities to prosper with us, and we see our presence as an opportunity to contribute to the economic and social development of the region, by promoting education, job and income generation, and social impact projects, among other fronts.


Volunteer work

Our employees support volunteer actions and change realities; thus, they are called as Tupy Transformers.
There are near 120 in action in Brazil and Mexico, carrying out actions in favor of local communities.


the financial results of the Company are disclosed quarterly and may be followed in our RI website. During 2020, we directed efforts to preservation of health and safety of the individuals and business, maintaining sound financial position and supply to our customers. Check additional information in the last Tupy report.


Our structure appreciates independence in the conduction of works. To assure ethical behavior at all operating levels, we count on Internal Audit, Ethics and Conduct Committee, Report Channel, Code of Ethics and Conduct, and internal policies. The activities that guide this area are based on our culture and our values.

Code of Ethics

Governance and Compliance

A publicly traded company with shares traded on the Stock Exchange since 1966, Tupy has been listed on the Novo Mercado, a segment formed by organizations that occupy the highest level of governance in Brazil, since 2013. Our structure is composed of the Board of Directors, which has nine members, 1/3 of whom are independent members, appointed by the minority shareholders; the Executive Board; the Fiscal Council; and three committees: Audit and Statutory Risk, Governance and People Management, and Strategy and Innovation, all of them have the participation of independent members.


In 2020, we conducted our first materiality process to cover priority subjects in our business, connected with our strategy.



We reaffirm our Values and our positions, taking on external commitments with other organizations, which enlarges the potential of our performance in favor of sustainable development.