Innovation and Technology

Innovation has enabled us to write our history, dedicated from the very beginning to Research and Development (R&D). We believe that knowledge generates transformation, so our technological solutions are dedicated to promoting a more dignified and long life. Whether seeking solutions and technologies in other countries, such as the malleable iron that originated Tupy, or investing in R&D and partnerships, being one of the first Brazilian companies to develop projects with universities in the 1970s. Click here to see our story.

Besides our more than 2,000 technicians and engineers, in this journey we count on the partnership of universities, research institutes, customers, suppliers, technology-based companies, and startups. To reach the whole ecosystem, two areas dedicated to different fronts of innovation have been created.

Cooperation with customers

Produced in compliance with the customers’ specifications, the structural components result from the work of specialized professionals.

We develop technologies for cast, machined and mounted metallurgical products with high technical requirements, observing the industry trends. With renowned professionals in the global casting scenario, Tupy stands out in the creation of new materials and technologies. We rely on prepared engineering of materials and dimensions to support the whole capital goods industry. We work in design and suggest the best alternatives with the customer, with aid of design and simulation equipment and software components.


Leading technology

Tupy is acknowledged as a leader in technology for the last generation of engines (light weight – thin wall, complex geometry, high-strength materials):

  • Experienced technical team; Highly qualified manpower;
  • Excellence in the development of new casting processes;
  • Global reference producer of Engine Blocks and Cylinder Heads in several metallic alloys, highlighting CGI.


Development of processes aimed to improvement of efficiency and quality

  • Co-design to product performance monitoring with on-site engineers and assistant technicians in the customers;
  • Product and process simulation systems;
  • Prototyping via additive manufacturing;
  • Process control and product traceability control systems;
  • Improvement and evolution of the product and quality processes using AI concepts and technology;



Over the years, the company has developed several partnerships with world-renowned technical institutes and universities, in the conception of new materials and metallurgical processes, enabling the offering of innovative solutions related to:

– Mechanical and thermal properties
– Dimensional precision
– Energy efficiency

Combined with the items above, its installations are prepared to support products with wide range of materials, dimensions, weights and requirements, making it a company extremely responsive and flexible in terms of production capacity and geography.


Compacted Graphite Iron – CGI

Tupy is the first casting plant in the world to produce Compacted Graphite Iron (CGI) iron in large scale. CGI provides higher mechanical strength than gray cast iron, traditionally used in engine blocks.

Tupy Tracker + Artificial Intelligence

The Tupy traceability project has the aim of detailing the history of process variables which are important for the final result of the product, thus assuring speed and precision in decision-making:

  • Process control system in each phase;
  • Integration of technologies for process traceability with the cast part;
  • Full traceability of products and processes;
  • Follow-up and monitoring of production process variables on time;
  • Integration between process variables and the final result of the product;
  • Improvement and evolution of the product and quality processes using Artificial Intelligence concepts and technology

Tupy Up

on the other hand, is dedicated to converting, accelerating and scaling new business opportunities and enhancing existing ones through innovation and digital transformation. The suffix “Up” comes from the clear intention to set the bar higher in all senses – results, growth, competencies and capabilities.
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Open innovation

Tupy believes that getting different experiences and skills together in a collaborative way generates sustainable value. For us, Open Innovation strengthens the ecosystem of science, technology and innovation, co-creating and catalyzing potentials throughout the network.

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Startup acceleration

Attention, entrepreneurs! Tupy has a Startup Accelerator with differentiated proposal. With a group of mentors specialized in several industry areas and respect to intellectual property and talents of startups, ShiftT was born – it is an accelerator that values collaboration and mutual benefit for Tupy, startup and ecosystem. Visit the ShiftT website and get to know the acceleration program.

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Research & Development

To develop new products, process knowledge is another key differential of Tupy, which combines scientific competence in metallurgy and hands-on casting knowledge. Our research team relies on the support of proper labs and partnerships established with universities worldwide. In the search for solutions to the industry challenges, we meet with efficacy the demands for new materials and the increasing use of inputs more efficiently.


Tupy Tech

focuses on disruptive R&D, aimed at driving the future of the solutions offered by Tupy, researching and developing opportunities that may gain market emphasis and be scalable, in addition to sustaining the Company’s positioning as an enabler of a sustainable transition in the segments where we operate.

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