About Tupy

Global company specialized in developing and manufacturing highly engineered structural cast iron components applied to complex metallurgical and geometrical components extensively used in capital goods. Tupy develops solutions present in the most diversified segments, such as freight transport (all modals), infrastructure, agriculture, power generation and many other industrial applications. For over 80 years, the Company has been promoting the access to health, basic sanitation, potable water, foods, and other basic needs for promotion of the quality of life. Innovation and technical knowledge of its employees are its hallmark in the market. The plants are located in Joinville/SC, Mauá/SP, Betim/MG (Brazil), and in the cities of Saltillo and Ramos Arizpe (Mexico) and Aveiro (Portugal). In addition, Tupy has offices in Sao Paulo, USA and Germany.



Production Plants
  • Brazil - 594 Kton
  • Mexico - 326 Kton
  • Portugal - 41 Kton
  • 19 thousand employees
  • 77% of production is exported
  • 7.1B total income in 2020
Present in more than


Depoimento Get to know some players that helped to build our history

"Since I was hired in Tupy, 20 years ago, I witnessed many moments of the Company. I saw the company overcome economic crises, leverage businesses, acquire units, invest in technology and innovation, acknowledge its employees, collaborate with the community, and more. I’m proud of its history and to be part of it."

Ronivon Munis Operations Supervisor
Ronivon Munis

“Lo más importante que me ha pasado en la vida es trabajar aquí, para poder sacar a mi familia adelante con mi esfuerzo y mi trabajo.”

Rosalio Pérez Muñiz Machine Operator
Rosalio Pérez Muñiz