Competitive Strategies and Differentials

The sectors in which we operate benefit from the growth and enrichment of the population, urbanization and because of the impact of these factors on the increased demand for infrastructure, energy, food, and global trade. Our brand strength, leadership in several markets, and financial solidity make Tupy uniquely positioned to capture these opportunities.

The Company’s future is based on the strength of our engineering, composed of more than 2 thousand technicians and engineers, always attentive to the market and to the possibilities that our knowledge can provide us. We also work in partnership with universities, research institutes, and companies that are references in their areas of activity, which allows us to develop products of high geometric and metallurgical complexity. Within our growth strategy is a greater participation in our customers’ chain, increasing the offer of high value-added services, such as machining and component assembly.

We will also play an increasingly strategic role in their journey towards decarbonization, developing materials and geometries that enable the adoption of various types of fuel, depending on the needs of each region and customer.